We assemble your grill

One of the nice features about purchasing a cart grill through Smoke, Fire, & Spice is that we assemble them for you. If you have suitable transportation for your new grill, we’ll gladly build your grill and have it ready for pick up. Trust us, we assemble a lot of grills! Therefore, we can save you a lot of time and aggravation and piece of mind that your grill is going to perform to the best of its abilities.




If you’re thinking about purchasing a grill, here’s a great promotion.

If you have been thinking about purchasing a new grill this year, Napoleon Grills have an amazing promotion from April 18, 2017 to June 19, 2017. If you buy a Napoleon grill during this time, you will be eligible to receive up to $200 in grilling accessories, including a Pro Wireless Digital Thermometer or Charcoal Tray (as available),¬†Executive Chef’s Knife, Cutting Board and Bowl set, Meat Lovers Starter Kit and others. Napoleon Grills have an excellent reputation for design, great features and high quality. Visit our shop and see in-person our Napoleon Grill selection. Stop in for details.