We also featuring a BBQ Catering menu for your special events.

The following is our standard offerings but don't be afraid to ask if you are looking for something different.


MEATS (approx 5 lbs of meat per pan)

Pulled Pork $55.00

Beef Brisket $80.00

Chicken (25 pieces, Thighs & Legs) $55.00

Turkey   market priced



Pulled Pork Stromboli  1/$25; 2/$40

Grilled Chicken Breast Salad (approx 5 lbs of meat)    $60


FULL PAN SIDES ($30 per pan; $35 for split pans)

Baked Beans,  Mac & Cheese, Pasta Salad

(we apologize but we no longer offer roasted potatoes)



Cole Slaw, Fiesta Corn, 5-Bean Salad



1 Gallon Soup or Vegetarian Chili  $30

Cornbread   $20

Brownies     $20



Containers serve 12-15. Minimum order is two containers or 5 lbs of any given meat. Additional charge for delivery.  7 day advance notice is requested.

Special menu requests? Ask us, please!

Regarding "Gluten Free":  We have, and sell, a number of rubs/sauces that are explicitly labelled as gluten free.   However we do not have an isolated kitchen.  Therefore we cannot, in good conscience, say that our menu items are gluten free.  You are able to request gluten free seasoning and we will prepare your menu item accordingly.  However we cannot guarantee that your selection won't be exposed to gluten during preparation.