Salt blocks: adding a new dimension to cooking.

Salt Blocks (also called salt plates) are rising in popularity in the culinary world. A salt block is exactly what it sounds like – a slab made with natural salt deposits. It looks like a piece of pink marble. You can use the salt blocks on either your grill or as a serving surface. By placing your food on the salt block, you’ll add a new dimension to cooking. With meats or vegetables residing on the block, a hint of salt will be added to your meal. It seems like it would be salty, but it’s not. It’s just the right amount. Much like an iron skillet, you never have to wash or oil the block. The block’s natural properties take care of the germs. Stop down to our shop to learn more about this fun accessory. We have the blocks, holders and a book that provides instruction and dozens of mouth-watering creations.


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